Over the years, Dr. Hekkert noticed more and more people with damage teeth due to grinding. He noticed an increase in people with TMJ pain, tension headaches, migraines and other pain symptoms. Patients reported more sleep problems, such as snoring, poor sleep quality and even sleep apnea.

After searching for answers, Dr. Hekkert has found one very common trend among all of these patients. Many of them suffer from a poorly developed upper jaw (maxilla), leading to a constricted airway. This restricted airway causes poor breathing, especially at night, during sleep. This condition can be as seemingly simple as snoring, but also as dangerous as sleep apnea (a stop of breathing).

The solution for many patients is as simple as wearing an appliance that permanently changes the structure of the upper jaw. It opens the airway by remodeling bone, allowing the tongue to sit in the correct space. The appliance is worn during the night, and you do not have to wear it during the day, at work or at play.

So if you know someone who snores, grinds their teeth, has significantly damage teeth, sleeps poorly, is frequently tired, suffers from headaches or even migraines, have Dr. Hekkert screen them for sleep apnea, maxillary hypoplasia, ankyloglossia and other factors that could be treated very simply. You might be saving someone’s life, and at the very least you’ll show them you care!

Dr. Hekkert has received the training to become a Vivos Integrated Provider (VIP -VIVOS). This system allows Dr. Hekkert to provide a non-surgical, non-pharmaceutical treatment that can make permanent changes in as little as 1-2 years for adults. Frequently, this means patients can avoid (or stop using) CPAP machines and lead much improved lives as they sleep better, deeper and healthier.