New services for 2019! Botox, fillers, better breathing and more

2019 is starting off with some great new services offered by Dr. Hekkert at Castle Rock Cosmetic Dentistry. Starting off with the cosmetic benefits of Botox and dermal fillers. Dr. Hekkert is training now, and will soon be able to offer these technique sensitive services in the controlled environment of a dental office setting.

Take years of stress, hard-work, and other aging off your face with these safe, durable services. A short visit can improve your confidence, your joy of life and make you look even better in photos for the new year.

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Another important aspect of health is your overall breathing capacity. You’ve heard the news about sleep apnea and how it affects your sleeping. A great night sleep is very important to your overall health. Many people do not sleep well due to restricted or otherwise less than ideal airways. Look up information regarding Vivos Breathing Wellness.

It’s an amazing development, scientifically proven to naturally help open the airway. This can reduce the need for CPAP machines, and has already helped many people sleep better.

Dr. Hekkert will incorporate the diagnosis for sleep disorders in his usual exam. It may lead to some discussion and further investigation, all of it geared towards a healthier you!